We cherish volunteers who are believing, partnering and investing in other people. They are an incredible encouragement to others who give that extra dose of optimism as they seek to bring out the best in others.
  • We are looking for men and women within the surrounding areas who love people for who they are
  • If you are serving in your local church, on your city council, library or hospital, you are the one we need
  • We need people adept at listening to and understanding without judgement
  • It’s easy to sign up, just upload the forms, fill them out and give our office a call to set up an appointment with the Executive Director.

Some of the positions available have the potential to lead to paying job offers.

“Volunteering is one of the most challenging and rewarding opportunities you will ever encounter. It gives you the chance to bring a change in the people around you, and in the process, it also changes you. The gratification you can obtain by playing a positive role in someone else’s life is unparalleled. 

Above all, volunteering is a way of giving back to the community while also developing essential social skills and gaining valuable experiences. If you wish to make a huge difference in the world around you, you will have to go all for it; you will have to go above and beyond what is asked of you. What makes one a good volunteer is their passion and enthusiasm to bring some kind of positive change through their work.” Check out this link to see how other people keep their passion and enthusiasm to stay in the game,  https://www.marliwilliams.com/