We can send the following classes to your phone to view.  Once viewed and the lesson is completed, you will earn Baby Bucks which will let you shop in our boutique.

PB-0371 Your First Trimester 30 min.

PB-0370 Eating for Two 23 min.

PB-0004 Your Ultrasound Appointment 18 min.

PB-0499 First Trimester Expectations 21 min.

PB-0373 Your Second Trimester 25 min.

PB-0007 Emotions of Pregnancy 25 min.

PB-0372 What is Safe in Pregnancy 24 min.

PB-0009 Bonding with Your Unborn 19 min.

PB-0500 Second Trimester Expectations 22 min.

PB-0374 Your Third Trimester 26 min.

PB-0383 The Final Stretch 21 min.

PB-0568 Unborn Baby’s Secret World 2022 18 min.

PB-0014 Big Belly Mommy Hacks 28 min.

PB-0501 Third Trimester Expectations 23 min.

PB-0566 Labor Expectations 15 min.

PB-0481 Preparing for a C-Section 25 min.

PB-0363 Getting Ready: Nesting 20 min.

PB-0589 Labor and Delivery Getting Ready 23 min.

PB-0588 Labor and Delivery Natural Comfort Measures 23 min.

PB-0604 Labor and Delivery Medical Pain Relief & Interventions 21 min.

PB-0610 Labor and Delivery Training Your Birth Coach 22 min.

PB-0630 Eye Contact Means Love 18 min.

PB-0567 Infant Temperament 21 min.

PB-0535 The Importance of Bonding 21 min.

PB-0021 Infant Expectations 20 min.

PB-0022 Infant Hygiene 22 min.

PB-0023 Simple Infant Care 19 min.

PB-0024 Taking Care of Yourself After Birth 40 min.

PB-0318 Postpartum Depression 28 min.

PB-0026 Going it Alone 25 min.

PB-0319 At Risk Pregnancies 24 min.

PB-0384 Shaken Baby Syndrome 17 min.

PB-0565 Expecting Twins and More 24 min.

PB-0639 Feeding Your Baby: The Bottle 21 min.

PB-0640 FYB: Breastfeeding: Getting Started 20 min.

PB-0641 FYB: Breastfeeding: Successful Breastfeeding 22 min.

PB-0642 FYB: Breastfeeding: Problems & Solutions 18 min.

PB-0643 FYB: Breastfeeding: Weaning 17 min.

PB-0697 Smoking & Alcohol During Pregnancy 20 min.

PB-0362 Prenatal Care 18 min.